(From 12.00 – 15.00)

  • Two roasted fish fillets with rye bread and remoulade (139 DKK)
  • "Pariserbøf" (Chopped steak, toast, onion, pickled root beets, capers, horseradish and yolk (149 DKK)
  • ”Stjerneskud” (Breaded fish, steamed fillet of fish, shrimps, asparagus, homemade dressing and mayonnaise) (181 DKK)
  • “Bakskuld” (a local specialty made of smoked salty flat fish with rye bread and Danish remoulade sauce) (139 DKK)
  • Grilled meat with French fries, ailoi and pickled red onions (139 DKK)
  • 3 kinds of herrings, marinated, fried and smoked, with accompaniments (129 DKK)
  • Soup with bread (109 DKK)